Drop me an email:


You can find me on Mastodon


If you're an MCIT student, you can reach out to me on the MCIT Slack. I'm active in the major channels there and will see a DM for sure.

If you're a Le Wagon student, you can reach out to me on the Le Wagon Slack. I'm less active there these days, but I still check my messages regularly.


I exist on LinkedIn. My rules of engagement on LinkedIn are very simple. I'll accept your connection request if one or more of these conditions are met:

  • We've met in person
  • We've worked together in some capacity
  • We went to school together
  • You're from Thoughtworks SEA
  • You're from MCIT
  • You're from Le Wagon Singapore

Otherwise, please add a LinkedIn message to explain why you'd like to connect, or reach out to me by some other means first.